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Dried Mealworms A Superfood For Feeding Wild Birds

We discussed in our previous blog what wild birds like to eat. For the majority of the year that’s all fine but what about feeding birds in winter? The ground is often hard due to cold weather or even iced over or covered with snow. Also the fact that homeowners use insecticides means that some of the natural occuring foods like slugs aren’t available any time of the year either. Continue reading Dried Mealworms A Superfood For Feeding Wild Birds

What Do Parrots Eat?

When you care for an exotic bird, such as a parrot, you need to ensure that you know what to feed it. Much of the time, people are unsure about what they should give these birds. Like any other animal, parrots need a balanced diet. They want food that gives them all the vitamins and minerals they need. That is to say that you should make sure that the food you give your parrot is as varied as it can be. So, what should you feed your bird? Continue reading What Do Parrots Eat?

What Do Wild Birds Eat? Tips & Advice For UK Gardens

Here in Britain, we are lucky since we have a wealth of wild birds inhabiting our towns and suburbs. When you’re enjoying the sun in your garden, you might notice that some species are happy to interact with you. As a general rule, most birds have learnt not to fear humans, which means that you can feed them. If you want to help boost the wildlife in your garden space, you might enjoy this fun and rewarding pastime. After all, there is simply nothing more relaxing than sitting around and watching birds feed, bathe and play with each other. So what do birds eat and how can we encourage them to our gardens. Continue reading What Do Wild Birds Eat? Tips & Advice For UK Gardens