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The Perfect Hamster Cage Location

If you have been considering getting a hamster there are a few things that you need to know about cage placement. Hamsters are sensitive to their environment and require just the right temperature. You should also make sure that the area they are placed in is free of loud noises. Hamsters can become stressed if they are kept in a location that is near loud appliances such as blenders or microwaves. They should also be kept away from appliances that cycle on and off such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Continue reading The Perfect Hamster Cage Location

How To Work Out The Best Pet Insurance For Dogs

For many people, their dog is their best friend, and a trusted member of the family. They want to get them the best care available, in case they ever become sick or have an injury of some sort. This is one of the main reasons why pet owners opt to purchase pet insurance. However, all policies aren’t created equal, and there are a bunch of factors to look into before choosing a plan that will meet your needs. There are different types of policies, as well as different amounts of time you are covered for. With that here is some guidance on chosing the best pet insurance for dogs. Continue reading How To Work Out The Best Pet Insurance For Dogs

Top Selling Crates for Your Dog Whatever The Size

As much as we love our pets, sometimes we just need our space. We also need to be sure that they’ll be safe when we are away from the house or while travelling. This is where dog crates can come in handy. Even if you trust your dog completely, they are still curious animals. You can protect your belongings and give your dog a safe place of its own by using a crate occasionally. Here are some great dog crates UK to consider. Continue reading Top Selling Crates for Your Dog Whatever The Size

How To Make A Homemade Hamster Cage From A Bin

Here is an easy method for all you DIYers out there looking to save a few pounds by making a homemade hamster cage. Lets face it a hamsters lifespan is not that long so why outlay big money for something that you may only need for 2-3 years. With a few basic tools and parts from a DIY store you can make a great home for your pet. Continue reading How To Make A Homemade Hamster Cage From A Bin

What Can Rabbits Eat? A Guide To A Healthy Diet

So you love to see your little bunny friend prance around! Great, but then, do remember that all that frolicking around requires a lot of energy, which means the need to feed it some excellent food – both natural and manufactured. You’re probably familiar with the broad eating habits of rabbits, but let’s do a detailed check to find out what they should or can eat, what’s good and not so good for them, and what’s really important for their diet. So what can rabbits eat? Continue reading What Can Rabbits Eat? A Guide To A Healthy Diet

Interesting Facts about Hamsters You May Not Know

Hamsters are wonderful little animals to have as pets. They love plenty of attention and enjoy communicating with their owners. They’re fun, cute, and highly active, particularly at night when the sun goes down. There more than 20 types of hamsters on the earth, from a big European breed to the tiniest of small hamsters, most of which are good pets. Continue reading Interesting Facts about Hamsters You May Not Know

Essential Hamster Accessories for Your Pet

When you give your hamster some simple accessories, you’ll significantly enhance your pet’s quality of life. With a variety of inexpensive items to select from, for both in and out of the cage, your hamster will get a good amount of exercise and fight off boredom. Let’s take a look at some of the essential hamster accessories for your pet which are available on the market today. Continue reading Essential Hamster Accessories for Your Pet

5 Most Common Types Of Hamster Breeds

Hamsters are small burrowing rodents that are characterized by a short tail and large cheek pouches. The pouches are for carrying food and for looking extremely cute of course! They are mostly found in Europe and Northern Asia. Theses rodents belong to the subfamily known as Cristinae. It contains about 25 species that are classified in several genus. Nowadays hamsters are kept as pets since they are harmless, fun and furry and easily breed in captivity. They also eat only a small amount of food and hence it is easy and cheap to look after them. They are mostly active at night. Below are 5 common types of hamster you might want to consider as a pet. Continue reading 5 Most Common Types Of Hamster Breeds

Cute Hamster Names

When you are choosing a name for your hamster, pick one that fits their features. A cute name such as “Tiny” will be a perfect fit for a very tiny hamster or ‘Ginger’ might be good for a golden coloured hamster. If you want your hamster’s name to mean anything then you should only name him or her once and encourage everyone in the household to use that name. There are many types of names to choose from. These include male names, female names, unisex names and some popular names of famous or cartoon hamsters. Continue reading Cute Hamster Names

How To Look After A Cat – A Beginners Guide

So, you’ve just got your first cat, but you’re not sure where to start. When it comes to looking after a pet of this nature, there are a few things that you need to remember. Cats can vary a great deal in their temperament, size and care needs. There is not just one set of rules for how to look after a cat. Much of what you need to know, you will learn when you first get one. Having said that, there are some core things you need to know. Once you get this pet, you will never look back. This little bundle of joy will be an absolute pleasure to care for if you get things right from the start. Continue reading How To Look After A Cat – A Beginners Guide